Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ruling RPF Party uses its mouthpiece to discredit Rwandan Greens

Rwanda Green Party members anxiously waited to enter the hall and be seated, at the Rwanda Green Party's fourth attempt to convene, in Kigali, Rwanda, which ended in broken bones and arrests, after the disruption and violence of ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front agents. 

Paul Kagame's ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front party is using its mouthpiece, the New Times, to discredit the Rwanda Greens as they approach their fifth attempt to convene in Kigali on 11.20.2009 and secure a ballot line in Rwanda's 2010 elections.  AllAfrica.com posted this piece published in the New Times on 11.10.2009, http://allafrica.com/stories/200911100003.html

The New Times (Kigali)

Rwanda: Aspiring Party Hit By Internal Wrangles

Innocent Niyonshuti
10 November 2009

Kigali — Hardly before it gets the green light to operate in the country, the aspiring Democratic Green Party of Rwanda is already embroiled in internal wrangles threatening to tear apart the infant political organization.
Two weeks ago, the party called a convention that ended in chaos triggered by disagreements among party loyalists who accused the interim executive of being 'hoodwinked' by foreign interests and failing to come up with a tangible national program for the party.

This wrangling has already forced some founding members to call it a day, quitting the political organization as it struggles to meet registration requirements.
One of the key members to quit the infant party includes its interim Secretary General, Andrew Muganwa, who threw in the towel over what sources attributed to 'dictatorial tendencies' of the current interim President.

"This is simply a surrogate political party sponsored by foreign forces and designed to create subversion, insecurity and division," Aimable Kanamugire, a member of the party who attended the botched convention told The New Times.
"The party has no formal line it follows---it is remote-controlled by foreign interests and there's a lot of internal confusion. Its leadership hardly has an agenda for this nation and this has been a source of frustration for many of potential members," Kanamugire said.
"They have been promising us money claiming that they have a strong network from the larger world wide green movement, but from the look of things, these funds are benefitting a few individuals."
Sources say the meeting held at Hotel Gorillas was coordinated by the First Counsellor in the Belgian Embassy and attracted two other infant political groupings.

"The youth should be particularly careful about the intentions of the Green party," Kanamugire insisted.

"The Ministry of Justice and Nyarugenge District officials who had in the past issued permission for these groups, should look carefully into their agenda before issuing a permit."

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The violence that broke up two weeks ago among party loyalists is also partly attributed to rowdy members of the new breakaway function led by the party's former Secretary General, Andrew Muganwa.

Muganwa fell out with interim president Frank Habineza over what party insiders described as 'a fight for power supremacy.'

In an email sent to The New Times yesterday, the interim leadership of the green party failed to explain the cause of violence during their convention and insisted that their party was not controlled by foreign forces.

Frank Habineza is a former Personal Assistant to former Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Drocella Mugorewera, who fled into exile. It is said that the two are still closely in touch.

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