Friday, November 6, 2009

Photos of Rwanda Greens convention sabotaged in Kigali, 10.30.2009

ruling party Rwandan Patriotic Front operatives, then shut down by Rwandan police, 
in Kigali, on 10.30.2009. The party now plans a fifth attempt to convene, once 
again in Kigali, on 11.20.2009.

Party President Frank Habineza, introduces 
Party Secretary General, Charles Kabanda, 
who greets the congress with the party symbol.  
On his right is Party Second Vice President, 
Jeanine Uwineza.

Party President Frank Habineza greets the 
congress with the party symbol. On his left is Party 
First Vice President, Andrew Kagwa Rwiserweka. 
And on the right, Secretary General, Charles Kabanda.

Coordinators make sure that all members are seated.

Party members anxiously wait to enter the hall and be seated.

One of the guys that sabotaged the meeting is 
handcuffed while others hide their faces from the camera.

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