Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rev. Rick Warren sinking on his own flagship, HIV/AIDS

 The Evangelical Emperor wears no clothes. 

The promotion of Absinence-Only-till-Heterosexual-Married-Monogamy as the only acceptable HIV/AIDS prevention strategy isn't half of U.S. Evangelical Pastor Rick Warren's HIV/AIDS ministry fraud. He's never said a word about systematic rape, including male on male rape, and thus, HIV, used as weapons of war in D.R. Congo, by the armies of Uganda and Rwanda, which he claims as  "purpose driven nations," in keeping with his evangelical global bestseller "The Purpose Driven Life."

The Evangelical Emperor wears no clothes.
I sent a link to this photograph of evangelical Pastor Rick Warren, with this caption, to gug, the anonymous author of Gay Uganda, the blog I turn to first for updates on Uganda's "Hang-the-Gays" Bill," more formally known as the Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2009., or, the Bahati Bill, for its sponsor, Ugandan Member of Parliament David Bahati.

Gug responded: "I will volunteer to play the child... the one asking about those vestments, or the absence thereof..."

On 11.13.2009, a KPFA Radio News reporter called me about the Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2009, and I later posted the broadcast result to the Youtube, with video:

Friday, December 11, 2009

Kevin Alexander Gray on Black America, and America, in the Age of Obama

Kevin Alexander Gray

On 07.12.2009, my friend Kevin Alexander Gray, author of "Waiting for Lightning to Strike, the Fundamentals of Black Politics," and the upcoming "Decline of Black Politics, from Malcolm X to Barack Obama," spoke to KPFA Radio Morning Show host Aimee Allison about Black unemployment, Black America, and, America, ultimately, under the Obama Administration.

Aimee Allison
I thought Kevin's remarks so worth considering that I edited the 23 minutes of audio out of this two hour-long public affairs show, created a video overlay, and posted it to the Web.

This meant I listened, again, probably five times, and finished the edits with my friend's points fixed firmly in mind:

1)  Unemployment has increased and Black American employment has doubled under Obama and he has responded with escalating war, troop surges, bigger military budgets, and bank and corporate bailouts, while preaching trickle down economics, like Ronald Reagan, and lecturing Black Americans about their own behavior.

2)  None of the federal bank bailouts or loan modification programs could even conceivably have helped struggling homeowners, and, stemmed the tide of foreclosures, and nobody knows where all the money went.    (Nobody knows, except that we'll pay the bill for the bailouts with our federal taxes for many generations to come.)

3)  A serious effort to stem the foreclosure tide would have included a foreclosure moratorium, major reform of home lending laws, and a broad review and reform of housing policy in America.

4)  Barack Obama can indeed be worse than George Bush because progressives expected all this from George Bush, but not from Barack Obama, so progressives have been confused, divided and disoriented.

5)  The politics of racial solidarity make much of Black America feel obliged to stand behind Barack Obama, no matter what he does, but some Black Americans are beginning to realize that trillions for war and bank bailouts are not serving them.

4)  The military gave a lot of Black Americans, including Kevin Gray and his own family, a chance, but a federal jobs program doesn't have to mean killing people.  It should mean hiring people to do things that need to be done, including building a sustainable infrastructure, a goal that Barack Obama has at least espoused. 

5)  Rather than blame it on Barack Obama, progressives need to build a movement, including a peace movement, with a clear vision of the the world they'd like to live in, and, of what needs to be done---like building sustainable infrastructure.

Near the end of the show, in keeping with that conclusion, a KPFA listener called in, with a list of very specific proposals as to what should have and still might be done:

1)  Government should have bought GM, instead of bailing it out, and re-tooled it to build electric and hybrid cars.

2)  Government should have purchased housing burdened by distressed mortgages at "burst bubble rates" and reduced loan payments, or, perhaps in some other way, arranged for people to keep living in it.

3) Government should purchase the Hayward, California auto plant now facing closure and convert it to produce solar panels and wind turbines.

Kevin, and Aimee Allison, both liked all three specific proposals, as did I, though I'd rather see GM converted to produce mass transit rather than electric and hybrid cars

Here are Kevin Alexander Gray, Aimee Allison, and KPFA Radio callers, in their own words, as heard on 94.1FM,, 12.07.2009:

Monday, December 7, 2009


Independent investigative journalist and human rights investigator Keith Harmon Snow has made repeated trips to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and other parts of Africa.

I spent most of Sunday, 12.06.2009, studying this report by Africa and human rights investigator/reporter Keith Harmon Snow---so as to suggest edits that might make it more comprehensible to Americans unfamiliar with this part of the world, which is most Americans.  I suggested, first of all, maps identifying D.R. Congo, a.k.a., Congo-Kinshasa, in Africa, D.R. Congo's Equateur and Kivu Provinces, the nine nations bordering D.R. Congo, and the Obangui and Congo Rivers so important to this story.

The international corporate press is blocking this story out, or, as ever, publishing vague racist reports of African tribal savagery.  Keith Snow, writing in conscious being, describes instead a serious Congolese rebellion against elites controlling Congo's resources in the interest of foreign powers, and details:  

1) Mai Mai militia from South Kivu Province, on Congo's Eastern border with Rwanda, collaborating with rebels based in the city of Dongo, in Equateur Province, on Congo's border with the Republic of Congo, a.k.a., Congo-Brazzavile; 
2) Rwandan President Paul Kagame's Rwandan Democratic Front (RDF) forces flown across the country, from the East, to Equateur, 
3) Rwandans who went into exile after the Kagame/RPF takeover of 1994 crossing the border from Congo-Brazzaville into Congo-Kinshasa's Equateur Provice to join the Dongo rebellion; and, 
4)  Many Congolese, including defectors from the Congolese Army (FARDC) joining the Dongo and Mai Mai rebels, and,
5) MONUC (UN "Peacekeepers"), AFRICOM (the U.S. Africa Command), forces from the neighboring Central African Republic, and Belgian and/or Belgian trained paratroopers moving into Equateur to put down the rebellion.


Rwandan Defense Forces Flown into Western Congo Defeated; Kabila Regime Under Siege on Multiple Fronts

With the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) engulfed in bloodshed and terrorism due to the secretive occupation and expansion by the Rwandan regime of Paul Kagame, Congo's President Joseph Kabila has reportedly requested an immediate emergency military intervention from Belgium to crush a growing rebellion sparked by resistance forces in the far western Congo.

Full text at conscious being,

Friday, December 4, 2009

Condolences, Sincerely, President Barack Obama

How thoughtful of President Obama to personally sign all letters of condolence to the families of U.S. soldiers sacrificed for oil and gas, pipeline competition, military geostrategy, military industrial profit, and the will to kill.  He didn't say he'd do the same for families in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but I doubt they'd welcome the sight of President Obama's signature.

More at,

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Uganda's gay death penalty proposal shocks the liberal West

Ms Gunilla Carlsson, Sweden’s development assistance minister says that Sweden will cut development aid to Uganda if it's harsh anti-gay legislation, including the gay death penalty, passes. 

Sweden and any other nation claiming to respect human rights should have cut aid and ties to Uganda long ago, for its domestic human rights abuses and invasions of D.R. Congo, to plunder Congo's mineral wealth--invasions sponsored by the UK, US, and allies.  The gay death penalty now proposed in Uganda has finally inspired Sweden's threat, to cut all aid to Uganda, if it passes, because it shocks the West, and the internationally organized LGBT community, within its liberal framework.  Let's hope that Sweden and other nations may sustain their objections to Uganda's human rights violations, even if the gay death penalty should be defeated, and, as Uganda's 2011 elections approach.

Sweden to cut aid to Uganda over anti-gay law

Rodney Muhumuza

Sweden has joined the growing list of countries heaping pressure on Uganda to discard a proposed law that would severely punish homosexuality.

According to comments attributed to Gunilla Carlsson, Sweden’s development assistance minister, the Swedish government says it would cut aid to Uganda over an anti-gay law they find “appalling”.

“My number two at the ministry, who has direct contact with the Ugandan government, has brought it up,” Ms Carlsson recently told Swedish Radio News. “We’ve talked about it in Uganda, and I’ve also tried to speak to the kind of organisations in Uganda that are the target of the legislation.”  Uganda receives about $50 million in development aid from Sweden annually.

Swedish Radio News reported online, in a November 30 article, that the Scandinavian country would consider discontinuing development aid to Uganda if the law was introduced.

“I’m doubly disappointed, partly because Uganda is a country with which we have had long-term relations and where I thought and hoped we had started to share common values and understanding,” the minister is quoted as saying.

“The law is wretched, but it’s also offensive to see how Ugandans choose to look at how we see things, and the kind of reception we get when we bring up these issues.”

Ndorwa West MP David Bahati, who brought the Anti-Homosexuality Bill (2009), has denied accusations that he is in a hate campaign, insisting he is defending the heterosexual family. Mr Bahati has the tacit support of President Museveni, who has made strong anti-gay statements in recent times. If passed in its current form, the law would create a felony called “aggravated homosexuality”.

Death penalty
Offenders would face death for having sex with a minor or a disabled person, or for infecting their partners with HIV. It would also punish attempted homosexuality as well as the failure of a third party to report homosexual relationships.

Critics of the proposed law say it is not needed, as the Penal Code Act already punishes homosexuality, and that it is based on unproven claims that European gays are clandestinely recruiting in Uganda.

In Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s conservative government called the proposed law “vile and hateful”, while Britain’s Gordon Brown raised the issue with President Museveni during the recent Commonwealth summit in Trinidad and Tobago.  Ms Carlsson said the law would make it “much more difficult” for Sweden to continue helping Uganda. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Food for Obama's wars: troops, oil, natural gas, pipelines, and dollars

After months of endless "reports are that he will increase troops. . . " reports, Barack Obama has finally officially announced that he will send another 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan, as reported by the Associated Press, the New York Times, and CNN.

The American anti-war movement, such as it is at this point, is, needless to say, alarmed, although Obama repeated, throughout his campaign, that we shouldn't have gone into Iraq, not because it was wrong, but, because we "hadn't finished the job in Afghanistan."

Obama has officially announced that 30,000 more troops will go to Afghanistan, (minus the mercenaries), but, in mid-October, he had already ordered 13,000 more U.S. troops, unofficially, and "unannounced," as reported in the Washington Post.

Why?  Heroin.   Oil.  Natural gas.  Pipelines and transport corridors more oil and natural gas, and, no doubt, heroin.   More U.S. dollars, borrowed from the Chinese, to secure more fossil fuels and perpetuate the military industrial complex, which needs lots of tax dollars, and oil and gas, to keep fighting, and manufacturing, for war.