Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rwandan Government escalates threat to Rwandan Greens

From Frank Habineza of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda:

Today's Update

Dear African Greens, Dear Greens,

Thanks so much for all your encouragement and all the different efforts made.

Thanks to Congolese Green Party for the motion of support, thanks to the USA Greens, you have really been helpful and thanks to European Greens and all greens of the world.

The situation is alarming, there is a lot of harassment going on, especially in my home area. Government agents are threatening party members and have summoned them a lot. Some members are feared missing. We have sent a group that is searching in all prisons.

The Global Greens Coordination are preparing a declaration, once its ready, we shall share it with you.

The international community needs to take an immediate action, this should be the same case as was in 1994 during the genocide, when the West kept quiet and a million people perished.

The situation can be prevented and I believe if you act, our government would respect you.

Sorry, am avoiding some details, for the obvious reasons.

Keep us in prayers,

For updates, watch this blog, Colored Opinions, and  the Green Party of the United States website.

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