Friday, January 7, 2011

San Francisco's political royals treat the City like a general partnership, aka, "public private partnership"

Laurence Pelosi, former Executive VP for Acquisitions, Lennar-Southwest, then Mayor Gavin Newsom's campaign treasurer (2003), then Executive VP for Acquisitions Lennar-Bay Area, then Executive VP Finance Morgan Stanley (underwriter of Recurrent Solar). Also Nancy Pelosi's nephew and Gavin Newsom's cousin. Currently an international investment banking exec.
I kept wishing I had time to go downtown to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, during the mayoral succession follies, just to express my absolute disgust with the way San Francisco's political royalty treat the City like its own general partnership, aka, "public private partnership"--i.e., to say this during the public comment that, of course, had absolute zip impact on imperial San Francisco's back room dealing to hold onto the mayor's office.

I kept wishing I had time to go down and say it out loud, even though to no effect, but this blog post will have to do.

Anyone else notice that Laurence Pelosi was a VP in Finance, aka underwriting, at Morgan Stanley when it financed Recurrent Solar, that he and Recurrent Solar's CEO were co-panelists on some garbage panel about how to profit on green tech, at Cal, a month or so before the City handed Recurrent that way overpriced deal to install solar panels on the Sunset Reservoir, justified by Obama stimulus plan tax credits?

Everyone realize that Laurence Pelosi became VP for Acquisitions/Lennar-Bay Area after leaving his post as VP for Acquisitions/Lennar-Southwest to manage Gavin Newsom's campaign treasury?

And BTY, the Labor Council's collaboration in all this in-your-face corruption is just as disgusting.

Also BTY, In October 2006, on the day after Schwarzenegger announced his plans to relieve California's prison overcrowding by outsourcing Califonia prisoners to private, for profit prisons in other states, the PR Newswire reported that the stock of Lennar's stock price had soared in after hours trading because of its investment in the private prison industry. The PR Newswire removed that report from the Web several days later and said they'd made a big mistake with regard to their report on the GEO Group, a private prison corporation also included in the original report, without mentioning Lennar.   

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