Monday, January 24, 2011

Power Meeting: Lisa Shannon and Sarah Palin

Much thanks to Lisa Shannon of Run for Congo Women, for helping me explain her work, which caused John Prendergast, in his book, "The ENOUGH Moment, Fighting to End Africa's Worst Human Rights Crimes," and in conversation with the KPFA Morning Show on 09.08.2010, to call Ms Shannon a "Citizen Upstander, One of Congo's Champions in the United States."

Lisa Shannon, Author of "A Thousand Sisters"
and founder of Run for Congo Women

Journal entry on Lisa Shanon's website, "A Thousand Sisters," the digital companion to her book. 

Here's the opener to what John Prendergast wrote about Lisa Shannon, Citizen Upstander for Congo, in "The ENOUGH Moment":

I'd like to imagine that none of this requires further explanation, but see also: 

Open Salon, "Bono Bashers, Clooney Patrols, and the Global Snark Brigade,"
Black Star News, "John Prendergast's Selective Outrage On African Crimes,"

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