Tuesday, February 23, 2010

San Francisco Bay View now in French and more

The "San Francisco Bay View, National Black Newspaper," based in San Francisco, California, U.S.A., is one of the few publications in the United States that makes an effort to cover the African Continent and Diaspora.  During the Copenhagen climate talks, it published 'We Stand with Africa'; Africa Group shuts down climate talks, one of many reports in its "Africa and the World" section. 

This week the Bay View published a collection of my own online and radio reports on Rwanda's 2010 election, under the headline "Rwandan opposition parties condemn grenade attacks in Kigali."

And, this week they  added a translation button, just beneath the headline on each article, offering a long list of auto translation options, including of course French, the European language that most Rwandans speak more readily than English, although English became the official business language of Rwanda, after English speaking General Paul Kagame led the English speaking Rwandan Patriotic Front Army to power in 1994.  

Machine translations are of course funky and flawed, often downright comical, but, the funky flaws are usually obvious, and the machine translations generally communicate a report's essential meaning nevertheless.

Unfortunately, the translation button doesn't include an option for Kinyarwanda, the African language shared by all Rwandans, Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa, probably because such a button is not yet available, but it does include Kiswahili, Afrikaans, and quite a few languages I don't immediately recognize. 

A French translator is helping me create English-to-French annotation translations for my news videos about Rwanda, posted to the Youtube, and they're not quite done, but, given the French/English language competition still being negotiatied in Rwanda, I wanted to announce the addition of this translation button right away.


  1. this is great thank you very much I would be more interested to translate from any language I mean French,English,and Kiswahili to Kinyarwanda because people from Great lakes region, mainly Banyarwanda from Rwanda, Barundi from Burundi, Bafumbira and Banyankore from Uganda, Banyamurenge, Bashi,Bamasisi, Babwisha, and Baruchuru from DRC,and Baha, Bakagera from Tanzania speak Kinyarwanda. so this can reach a greater audience if translated. thanks

  2. Well, that's wonderful, but you'll need to send me your e-mail address to my Google mail: anniegarrison@gmail.com, so we can arrange this. Not going to be able to add a button, but if you want to volunteer to translate my Rwanda reporting into Kinyarwanda, I'll be enormously grateful.

  3. Thank you Ann for your dedication to your great humanity. You are so committed to the cause of freedom.

  4. Thanks Ann you are the voice of the millions of the voiceless ,those who are now dead and those who are dying with those who will died in the hands of Kagame and Musseveni Guestapo ,with the blessings of the state departement,the UN,Susan rice,Tony blair and Bill clinton.
    Kagame and Musseveni genocide and looting with one millions rapes in Central africa specialy Congo Drc,Rwanda ,Uganda has result in 10 millions africans dead .will shall not rest until Ban moon who cover kagame and Musseveni is exposed with Susan Rice.not forgetting Roger Winter their God father.
    we should not rest until the DRC International Tribunal is established to take on Musseveni,Kagame,Kabila joseph with James Kabarebe
    for the well established fact of Congo Genocide By Those medias manupilators and modern tropicals Nazis.See the UN report,the french arrest warrant,the spanish warrant,and the US Ocklaoma Indictement .

  5. Hello Ann Keep the good work you are the hope of millions of the rapes victim of kagame and Musseveni crimes against humanity in the congo with 10 millions dead.while the UN,is giving in to kagame and Musseveni Blackmail with their army in sudan.the same army which is accused of genocide in the congo. the UN is covering up Kagame and Musseveni Genocide in the congo.As result of this cover up 10 millions dead in ten years period one Million rapes ranging from 2 years to 80 years old.shame on the state departement and british foreign office and the UN.