Monday, February 22, 2010

Election Rwanda 2010, including voices of Frank Habineza and Victoire Ingabiré Umuhoza

Victoire Ingabiré Umuhoza, presidential candidate of the Rwandan FDU-Inkingi Party expects to be arrested after interrogation by Rwandan Police on February 22, 2010, or within the next week.

February 21, 2010 net radio report on heightening tension and violence leading up to Rwanda's scheduled August 2010 presidential election:

To urge press coverage, contact;

Democracy Now, +1 (212) 431-9090,
New York Times, Nicholas Kristof,

The San Francisco Bay View, National Black Newspaper has collected some of my own reporting, for Digital Journal, the OpEdNews, Global Research, and KPFA Radio/Youtube, on Rwanda's 2010 election, in Rwandan Opposition Parties Condemn Attacks in Kigali.

See also:

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