Saturday, October 31, 2009

A terrible day in Rwanda; letter from Rwandan Green leader Frank Habineza

Frank Habineza sent this letter, below, to the African Greens list.  Note that Rwanda is the U.S.A. and AFRICOM's closest ally in Africa; its President/General Paul Kagame are constantly lauded and awarded by former President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Reverend Rick Warren, and American universities.

I changed just a few of Frank's sentence structures because he speaks French, English, and his native language, Kinyarwanda, so occasionally his English sentences aren't idiom we'd readily recognize:

Dear Greens,

It's indeed been a terrible day. A man started shouting and threw chairs at our convention in Kigali, and we have established that he is an ex-soldier and a former employee of Military Intelligence. Three people joined him, and one of them had something like a gun-pistol. This was also observed by the US Envoy and Netherlands Envoy and many others.

This was a well planned sabotage done by security operatives. Another guy was also from the local Defense Forces. The police were not helpful at all. It looked like they were compromising us.

The police released the guys who caused trouble, then arrested our members instead, one of them a mother. Thankfully they have been released but were forced to make statements to the police, who asked why they had decided to be members of our party.

Several people are injured, one lady is in intensive care, with back injuries. I am still finding out how many are injured.

Keep us in prayers--

Frank Habineza

Here's BBC Radio audio from the failed convention:

Call, for the safety, and full civil and political rights of Rwandan Greens, and, all Rwandans:

Rwandan Embassy telephone # in D.C.: (202) 232-2882.

Main switchboard of the U.S. State Department 202-647-4000.

Interim Rwandan Green Party leader Frank Habineza with 
his wife Edith and son Godwin. No pictures of the fourth failed 
Rwandan Green Party convention in Kigali yet.

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  1. Silly baboon, go to the farm and join your family to make a living. Stop being a puppet. Would i even vote for u if you contested? No. Why? you are likely to be so corrupt, u r have no experience and capacity to be Rwandan president. Prove me wrong!