Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear ANN, September 09, 2010

Dear ANN

Between You and Claudine Mukantwali
Claudine Mukantwali September 9 at 1:03am Report
Have you been to Rwanda? if you are a rwandan you got to doctor's and you pay only ten per cent of tratment. My children go to secondary school because they deserve it not because they are tutsi or hutu how it use to be 17 years ago. I am woman and I have opportunity to do my small busness which I never had before not even my friends. What is you problem about Rwanda? congolaise people died? of cos they did same as Irakis and Pakistanis. Please go to bed and have some sleep and give Rwanda a break.
Ann Garrison September 9 at 4:28am
Same as Irakis and Pakistanis? Very interesting argument that. What is the similarity or logic there?
Claudine Mukantwali September 9 at 8:05am Report
you American went to war because of what so called terorists innocents people died same as in congo. Why you never write about what you are doing not others doing? white!! think that you are clever and better than us. What did you do during genocide? nothing! after genocide you made movies and made money! you what you need is to sitdown and think twice. Kagame and rwanda are not innocent, who is? give me one example country which has democraty American nooo
Ann Garrison September 9 at 8:29am
I opposed those wars, Claudine. I have adamantly opposed every war my country has been involved in all of my life.

I write about what my country does all the time. I have said over and over that my main concern in the Great Lakes Region of Africa is seeing the U.S./Pentagon leave, stop building bases, and manipulating regional tensions to benefit a tiny corporate and military executive class.

I myself had no idea what was happening in Rwanda in 1994 besides what the Western media was reporting. The San Francisco Examiner flew an African American friend of mine over there to report and she said to me, "Like they think I'm supposed to understand this just because I'm Black." (She was actually a religion reporter, but, she's Black.)

I didn't make any movies or make any money. I think Hotel Rwanda is a terrible movie if that's what you're talking about, and I certainly had nothing to do with it. I didn't even see it until 2008.

Democracy does seem to be a big flop, doesn't it? I don't think it has much of a chance without some degree of economic democracy and shared social ownership of resources as well.
Claudine Mukantwali September 9 at 8:34am Report
next time to harrass my country you have to know history of it. Stop taking sides, the war is bad, very bad. If you have lost people in 9/11 you know what I mean. Democracy is not happen in one hour it takes time. Give us a break
Claudine Mukantwali September 9 at 8:44am Report
how many black people in American goverment? when Obama went in The White house was the only black president i American how many years you had democracy?????
Ann Garrison September 9 at 9:07am
Claudine, you're arguing with the wrong person. I think my country is horrible, absolutely horrible, the most violent, racist, predatory nation on the planet and in history. That's why I'm always pushing for my country to get out of yours.

I think 09/11 was an inside job. I'm upset by what my country uses 09/11 as an excuse to do. I can't imagine where you get this idea that I'm in love with my country.
Claudine Mukantwali September 9 at 10:19am Report
hahaaa If you don't love your country you are very sad. SORRY I LOVE MINE AND I DETESTE PEOPLE WHO try to harrass it. SORRY YOU HAVE NO LIFE LOL. IF IT WASN'T KAGAME I shouldn't be talking to you. I learnt english becouse of him, we have internet because of him what those Interahamwe done before? nothing just raping women and small girls. Killing everyone with machettes!! do you know what they done to me? I can't even take picture cos I have one aye chpped arms, raped to death! Kagame will follow them until the end.
Ann Garrison September 9 at 10:40am
That's not your picture?


  1. Claudine I am more Rwandese or Rwandan that you are. First my ancestors are ABAHINZA the people who were supposed to be Rwandan dynasty the origin of Gihanga Nyamifana and Mashira of Bugoyi. Anywhere that is not why we are on this forum, we are hear to talk about your regime and its system. To say that people in Rwanda have health plan that is not enough because people do not eat and live on drugs alone. You know how we are hungry here majority of the people who go to those clinics are people suffering from forced starvation then they end up drinking a lot of unclean water to fill the stomach then they end up to these clinics. Do you know who is the architect of this health plan called mutuality? Kagame and Rick Warren are partners in business. SO by coming up with this health insurance it was not because these two people love Rwandans but because their greediness. I know Kagame is your hero as he is a devil to 85% of all Rwandans. He killed our parents since 1990s to this day. he has made us orphans now his time for judgment has come so will u go with him to the Hague? You should be smart enough to start reconciling with those you harassed I am sure many Hutus in Rwanda have been lowered to your feet and when they meet u it is like meeting Lucifer

  2. Very interesting what you say about this health insurance and Rev. Rick Warren. I would like to know more about Rick Warren's involvement in that, if you have more information.

  3. Ann, it's interesting with Rwandans. At times, they are crying and begging for sympathy from the whole world over genocide. But when it comes to discussing with them over other issues such as human rights, democracy and freedom, the answer becomes: it's none of your business. This is hypocrisy, this is selfishness. The problem with Rwandans, is they have no sympathy for others and for their countrymen. She is happy she is going to school and getting free medical aid and so on, pretending everything is alright in her country. (-> the facade)
    This Claudine, says the war is bad. Instead of turning to whoever started the war and get people killed, she is turning to you a reporter to blame you for harrasment.

    Ann, please don't stop writing, reporting and speaking. There are millions of Rwandans in the country who are voiceless today. They can't even dare say a word to their spouse or siblings about the current regime for fear.

    Whatever you report, you are doing it for millions of forgotten Rwandans and Congolese, don't let anyone change your mind. Instead be proud of what you are doing.

  4. Claudine, if you think your hero General Kagame will get away with the millions of innocent unarmed civilians that his forces have killed, think again! The UN report that proves how Kagame's extremist forces committed genocide has already been leaked. In October 2010 it will be made official. Justice is coming, the Day of Reckoning is knocking!