Saturday, May 29, 2010

Black Star News on Uganda, May 2010

Thanks to Black Star News, re Uganda, Uganda's Anti Homosexuality Act, and U.S./Uganda in Northeastern Congo
Thanks to Milton Allimadi and Black Star News for this:

John Prendergast heads's interventionist front organization the ENOUGH Project.
"Despite harsh condemnation from US legislators in response to Uganda's draft bill criminalizing homosexuality, the Senate passed a bill in mid-March that will prop up Uganda's government by authorizing military action in the highly volatile region of Central Africa."

Peace In Uganda Via U.S. Bullets And Bombs (the LRA Disarmament Act),

ICC Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo accused of bias in prosecuting Uganda crimes.
"On Ocampo: 'And he cannot answer satisfactorily why in the case of Uganda all the investigation; all those indicted; have been on the LRA and nothing has touched the Ugandan government.'"

Otunnu, Ugandan Politician, Derides ICC Prosecutor Ocampo's Slant On Uganda Crimes,

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