Saturday, April 24, 2010

No Rwandan troops in the D.R.C.? No U.S. troops in Iraq?

Frank Habineza, Rwandan Green Party leader and President of the Executive Committee of the Federation of African Greens. 

Just five days after Rwanda Green Party leader Frank Habineza was elected President of the Executive Committee of the African Greens Federation, three of his own party officers turned on him, with the bizarre accusation that he had said there were Rwandan troops in the D.R.C., which, they said, "everyone knows is not true"-----which is as plausible as saying that there are no U.S. troops in Iraq.

Kigali - 04.23.2010 Defecting Rwanda Green Party officer Vincent Nshimiyimana said today that "everyone" knows Rwanda has no troops deployed in neighboring D.R. Congo, which is like saying there are no U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq.  Read at Digital Journal.  

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  1. Yes, the people defecting to Kagame's side are hilarious. They do not realize that Kagame's empire is crumbling under its own weight of all the crimes it has committed.