Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Please contribute to support my independent reporting on Africa's Great Lakes region, and my advocacy for an end to Pentagon intervention

Please click on the "Donate" button in the upper right corner of this blog if you value my reporting on Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda, and my advocacy for an end to U.S.-Pentagon interventions there and everywhere.   Could you give $5, $10, $25 or more?   The first, and still the greatest number of those contributing to my work have been Rwandan, Congolese, and Burundian people making small contributions, though several Westerners have since contributed as well. 

I have been reporting on the Great Lakes region for Digital Journal, Global Research, the San Francisco Bay View, the OpEdNews, Colored Opinions, and KPFA and KMEC Radio, and posting video elaborations of my radio reports to my Youtube Channel. On Sunday, 03.21.2010, I recorded Law Professor Peter Erlinder, Lead Defense Counsel for the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda (ICTR) for this KPFA Radio News report, then posted the result to my channel with a video overlay, after which it appeared on the Global Research and Digital Journal websites.

Two days later I called Peter to say that I was ready to read and study the entire Rwanda Documents Project, if I can find some funding.  He said it would take me at least two months, with his regular guidance, and also told me, with considerable urgency, that he needs help writing a book explaining his years of research.

No one else has studied or reported on all the evidence which has led Peter to say, as a criminal lawyer, with evidence at hand, that the US and the UK financed the ongoing Central African War, first in Uganda, then Rwanda, and now D.R. Congo, and, that eight million African people have died. 

I've also spoken to Kevin Alexander Gray, African American writer and activist, Counterpunch and Progressive contributor, and author of Waiting for Lightning to Strike, the Fundamentals of Black Politics, who has offered to contact those he knows in the office of Senator Russ Feingold, Chair of the Senate Subcommittee on African Affairs.  And, to contact Reverend Jesse Jackson, and other leaders in the Black community, about urging African Americans to call on President Obama and their legislators to heed the Feingold Statement on the Fragility of Democracy in Africa.

We agreed that:

1)  Peace in the Great Lakes region depends on the end of UK and U.S. military, financial, and media support for the ruthless, highly militarized autocracy of Paul Kagame's Rwanda, especially now, during this critical election year, in which Rwandans should have the power to choose the president who will lead them for the next seven years.  This goal is consistent with the liberal democratic values that the U.S. government claims to represent and defend.   America's liberals, including President Obama, need encouragement to be good liberals.

Senator Feingold read the Feingold Statement on the Fragility of Democracy in Africa into the Congressional Record on March 2nd.  I came across it, barely noticed, on an Ethiopian website, then wrote the news for Digital Journal, Global Research, and the Black Star News

2)  Senator Feingold needs encouragement to meet with Dr. Peter Erlinder, who so feels the urgency of the Rwandan situation that he is willing to drive from St. Paul to Madison, WI, or fly to Washington D.C. immediately if an appointment can be arranged.

3)  I need to continue reporting, every week, on Rwanda's opposition parties ongoing efforts to enter the election, and need to keep asking Senator Feingold, and other members of the Senate Subcommittee on African Affairs to respond.

Unlike Rwandan President Paul Kagame, I have no "donor nation" support and don't expect any, so I greatly appreciate the help of anyone who thinks this work needs to be done.    

Thanks.  --Ann Garrison


  1. yes, it is the only way to support the democratie in Rwanda. il est aussi important pour Obama de comprendre que, ce qui lui denera plus de valeur, ce n'est pas, ce qu'il a fait pour les USA, mais ce qu'il fera pour l'afrique en commencent par l'Afrique des grand Lac.
    Les Rwandais et les Congolais lui sera reconnaisant, lorsqu'il va les aidé à arreter le Général Paul kagame (actuellement au pouvoir au Rwanda), Nkunda Ex-rebelle du Kivu,Ntaganda, Yoweli Museven (actuellement au pouvoir en Ouganda) pour des crimes atroce qu'ils ont commis en R.D.C congo et le génocide des refugiés Rwandais en RDC. Il faut que Obama met aussi la pression sur kagame pour laisser la democratie s'installer au rwanda.

  2. Unbelievable......that people like you exist. I lost my entire family in the genocide after having lived like a second class citizen in Rwanda; denied higher education, loans and access. Now in the last 16 years, millions of us have thrived in the new Rwanda. My family's killers reside in France, unreachable, and fund-raising everyday to support people like Ingabire, whom you worship like the second coming of Christ. This is not independent reporting...

  3. Anonymous whiner,

    In the last 16 years, you may have thrived in the new Rwanda, but the majority of the population is suffering. You are not the only one who lost your entire family in Rwanda. Some families were decimated by the Interahamwes and some other families were decimated by your RPF friends. All murderers are murderers and need to be punished. Even if they are RPF soldiers.

    By the way, if your RPF friends had not murdered two presidents and the chief of army on April 6, 1994 your family would still be alive today. So, if you want to be angry at someone, you should be angry at the RPF who started the whole cycle of violence. Not angry at a journalist who is analyzing the truth from all sides.

  4. I could not beleive that one day, somebody like Ann Garrison would be able to see in face THE TRUTH ABOUT "The African Great Region Crisis". Many years ago, I had been told the medias were a tool to help the truth to be known. With the African Great region Crisis, I have seen what those MEDIAS are. I think if CNN (and other medias..) had been honest in their job, We would not have lost millions and millions of lives in Rwanda, Uganda, Congo, an everywhere in the world. CNN and other like them continue to lie,distorting the truth, for the resons I will never never understand. I pray God so one day they might be converted and stop to continue to pour out oil on fires of wars anywhere in the world.
    That is why I support and I will call my friends to support Ann G. in what she is doing to tell the truth about what happened and continue to happen in Africa.

  5. Well, all I know about the tragedy in Rwanda is that both tutsi and hutu died. I know in 1994 more tutsi died. This doe not means that the hutu who died before 1994 (since 1990)and after 1994 in refugee camps should be ignored. I am a tutsi and I was fortunate to escape the killings, but to be honest I think RPF killed lots of hutus. Interahamwe and RPF to me have all committed the same crimes.

  6. I wanted to let that person who is saying that he or she is an orphan most of this people are lying I lost my entire family in 1991 when RPF attacked Butare in Ruhengeri. then the rest were killed in the refugee camps of Goma. we changed the residents we decided to live in the town of Ruhengeri a place called Kimonyi. then in 1997 the RPF soldiers came and found my relatives hidding themselves in Musanze caves. they (RPF)soldiers decided to close the caves entrances using cement and concretes. that is how the entire family killed in the hands of tutsis. now that useless person is saying that Hutus do not have the right to mourn for their own people? I wish I had money to support the work that Annie is doing? she is the only person among all western media that felt that there is a community sidlined by the western propaganda. and she has committed herself to telling nothing else but the truth. and you extremist tutsis do not like because you have that tutsiology that hutus must be enslaved by tutsis. I wish you could hear that both sides were wronged by power mongers and join us to champion for democracy, peace, and unity in the region so that people of Rwanda, DRC, Burundi, and Uganda can have peace and freedom of leadersip choice not the western imposed leadership type.

  7. Ann you are just miseducated about the region the history of everything. You have one side of the story. You need to hear both sides & make your analysis. It sounds to me as though you are toooooooo left sided. Whether you call it Kagame, RPF, or Tutsi government has not explicitly stopped these people to go back to their motherland. If they didn't commit those atrocities what forbids them to go back. Unless if they are fearing to face justice. What angers me is the fact that you are behind something that bears no pure truth in the history of this little tiny country. Rwanda has had its share of problems from people like you. So leave Rwandans alone. They'll address their issues. One thing I can say you are probably married to a Hutu and you were brainwashed & can't be open minded to see the other side of the coin. Wake up & smell the flowers. You've never reported anything positive on Kagame's government. Aren't you ashamed of this? If you are a true jounalist or reporter, why are you so biased??? No one chased these people out of the country, what are they afraid of if they committed no crimes? You keep dividing us and stirring hatred, divide and anyother sort of thing that would break Rwandese apart. STOP IT. I don't expect you to care for any Rwandese nor African, you are only driven by yourself interests as your people have always done. We need no mercy from you. Focus on your own kind. Enough is Enough

  8. Once again Annie Garrison in non of her business. Bitch stop being nosy! Where are you from anyway? You are absolutely not American because you care less of what is going on in the U.S and throw your nose in business that does not touch you at all. I mean you have enough news to report for that radio you work for than try to stir up hatred among peaceful Rwandans. Hey loser, you are crossing the line here because finally all this trouble will soon turn back to you and it will be too late to clean up your own mess. Let us deal with with our own problems otherwise things are not gonna turn out good for you woman!Consider yourself warned.

  9. To Anonymous who posted on April 24, 2010 5:08 PM,
    Annie does not need to report on the positive aspects of Hitler, I mean General Kagame. There are so many who are reporting on that already. The injustice is that no one is reporting on the crimes committed by Kagame. So, Kudos to Annie for being brave to report these crimes. History will remember Annie as being a pioneer in showing the truth of what is going on in Rwanda.

    The RPF has definitely stopped people from returning to Rwanda. The issue with people like you is that you cannot sympathize with other people. You were in exile outside the country between 1960 and 1994. Somehow you think that it was okay for you not to return during those 34 years and now you are attacking other people who are running away from the RPF murderers. How about asking you the same question. Did you commit atrocities in 1960 and that is why you did not want to come back before 1994?

    If you want to know why people ran away from you and your RPF, just go to the link below:[tt_news]=807&cHash=612e545123

  10. To the anonymous coward who starts with insults and finishes with "Consider yourself warned."

    I know you would prefer if no one was watching so you can kill all the people you want and jail everyone you want. Before anyone knows it, there would be a census in Rwanda showing that the ratio has gone from being 85% Hutu, 14% Tutsi, 1% Twa and become 9% Hutu, 90% Tutsi and 1% Twa. No one would know how that happened because no one was paying attention. But too bad for you, the world is watching. Must be inconvenient to have people like Annie reporting on the Apartheid that the RPF is creating in Rwanda.

    Too bad for you that this is 2010 and with today's technology, something that happens in Rwanda can be known in the US within a few minutes. Too bad for you that some people like Annie care about justice so much they even look outside their borders to see where else governments are oppressing their people.

    When you say peaceful Rwandans, I am sure you mean some other Rwandans, not the RPF terrorists who have terrorized Rwanda and DR Congo since October 1, 1990. Right? Not the RPF terrorists who are afraid to let a mother of 3 put her name on the ballot because they are scared that people might just vote for her. Right?

    Not the peaceful Rwandans who finish their message with "Consider yourself warned." Right? You know, a terrorist can terrorize people so much that in the end they cannot stand it anymore. They are not afraid anymore. So, your time is up. Very few are scared of you anymore. And trust me, Annie is not scared of you cowards. So, please save your threats.

  11. Now i get it,our western liberator is a fraud seeking from impoverished Africans funds to live her American dream life,and then she turns around to claim independence in her reporting.

    Old hag,the only reason no one is interested in funding your sick reporting is because no one finds it worth funding.
    And if you are turning to Africans for funding,then you are begging from the wrong people at the wrong time.
    If you are into this for money,then i advise you to come over here and open a church,at least then you will be assured of tithe.

    Send ma greetings to Godwin Agaba-I can imagine who is begging from whom now.He begging from you whilst you begging from him....It never gets more interesting.

  12. "Please devise other means of getting money-no one can fall for your fraud antics" No shame?
    That is my donation.

  13. Looks like RPF agents are alive and kicking on this page. They are so scared that all their crimes are coming out into the open.

  14. Someone said that no positive thing has ever been writen on Kagame...I wonder which positive thing can be said or written on him? This is the hardest challenge I've ever heard in my life, finding a positive thing on Kagame...

  15. You abviously find no positive thing because you are mind is tainted & you're fully against him. How about the economy, & the growth the country has encountered for the last few years? How about holding government officials accountable? Again you are misinformed about the country. Don't base your information on hersey from people who haven't been on the soil for decades. Take a trip for yourself & report from the ground

  16. i have a question for all those who are blaming and accusing. we all know that both hutus and tutsi died THIS IS A MOTHERFUCKIn FACT, except that RPF tries to erase it as well as they are /changed the history of Rwanda and managed to brain wash apparently some of these people who cant see it. but my question is ; if your father was a hutu and mother a Tutsi then you father and siblings died while your father was protecting family, despite that protection, every body died except you. who is to blame? cant you see that this was really a way for RPF to get into the country? c'mon. do you remember the first strike in 1990, they couldn't take over the country after killing numerous citizens? i believe they played role in the whole killing.

  17. Anonymous said...

    You abviously find no positive thing because you are mind is tainted & you're fully against him. How about the economy, & the growth the country has encountered for the last few years? How about holding government officials accountable? Again you are misinformed about the country. Don't base your information on hersey from people who haven't been on the soil for decades. Take a trip for yourself & report from the ground

    Not all these people making comments live abroad dude! we are currently on the soil, observing thing within inside,within the can catch me in REMERA sometimes with my private radar, my binocular and my paparazzi cannon camera. i see and watch Kagame from home each and every time he goes to the Stadium. blaaahahahahh.

  18. The "economy" and "growth" are a lie. The majority of Rwandans are still hungry and poor. Most of the fertile land is planted in export crops, including biofuels, and both the biofuels and natural gas in Lake Kivu will be exported though Rwandans are being told they're for them, just as Congolese are being told that they're going to get the electricity generated by expansion of Grand Inga Dam in Western Congo, when BHP Billiton plans to use 2/3 of the electricity from the first expansion in a power hungry aluminum smelter. Now Sarkozy, after making up with Kagame, and accepting the official history, wants his share of the natural gas in Lake Kivu. This is growth and economic development for foreign corporations and an elite in Kigali.

  19. Then blame your fellow westerners. As I told you all you look for is to benefit youselves not Africans. So leave us alone. You're making a living on this reporting aren't you????? & that's why you are looking for donations. Dividing US all the time to benefit from our resources.

  20. Thanks Annie for the magnificent work you do. Don't let anyone intimidate you or silence you. Always remember "You are the voice of Millions voiceless people".

    May God bless you and protect you.

  21. You started this by saying "how about the economy and the growth"? I said it's a lie, and since you can't come up with any defense of your own argument, you say "go blame your fellow westerners." I do, all the time, most of all.

    But most of the handful of people who've contributed to my reporting have been Africans, most of them Rwandans. Most Americans are so ignorant of Africa that they couldn't find Congo or Rwanda or Uganda on a map, though they use more of its resources than the people there do.

  22. It is ironic to me that the same people who say, "You Americans should have stopped the genocide!" will say in the next breath, "Leave us alone and let us deal with our own problems!" You can't have it both ways.

    And to those who suggest that Ann is only telling one side of the story - she doesn't need to tell the other side. Kagame's side is widely known and accepted as truth throughout most of the world. It is the other side that has been suppressed and denied for much of the past 16 years.

    Keep up the good work, Ann, and don't worry about these "anonymous" haters that aren't even courageous enough to attach their names to their hatred.

  23. Thanks, Rena. And for those who don't know Rena Ali, she herself is more conscious of realities in the Great Lakes region of Africa than 99.99% of Americans, and is doing significant research and advocacy work herself, within America's heartland--and learning Swahili in hopes of a return trip to Congo.

  24. Ann The great lakes is not RWANDA, it's tanzania, burundi, congo, uganda and Kenya. Don't focus on Rwanda Unless you are married to a hutu who has been brainshowering, i say brainshowring because it's beyond brainwashing. You seem very dumb on all the reasoning in your blogs. The opposition in rwanda is not ingabire alone, you don't talk about others. Your radio talk show may not be paying you enough, but dividing rwandese is not going to make you rich. You should be a shamed off yourself, trying to make aliving while dividing people on the basis of fair reporting. You grew up in a great country you should know better, creating hate among rwandese.
    When you say economic growth is lies, what proof do u have. Before the genocide, there was only one university, currently there's more than 20. The number of students that graduate each in rwanda are equal to the number of student that graduated from the national university of rwanda since it was founded until 1994. What is that consider "growth" or "lies". That's a few to mention. You talk about freedom of speach, we are not ready for freedom of speach in rwanda yet. People are still recovering from baised reporting like yours that escalated the genocide. The way democracy is practised in america is different in AFrica, Africa has it's unique way of operating.
    I prefer an american who is ignorant about the great lakes than the who divides rwandese. The reason why you presume that americans are ignorant is because they are better than you, they like to mind their own business.

  25. If your are married, go take care of your kids or husband, if you are not get a life, find your self a boyfriend or girlfriend whatever works for you and leave RWANDA alone

  26. I don't think you watched my news video. Americans are not minding their own business. They, with the UK, financed wars in Central Africa that have cost 8 million African lives.

    If that's true about more university graduates, that does sound positive, but you don't need a Kagame to accomplish that.

    Your much touted economic growth is NOT distributed among most Rwandans, and I'm not impressed that a small Rwandan elite got rich looting the mineral wealth of the D.R.C. for foreign corporations or using your rich agricultural land to grow coffee, tea, flowers, and biofuels crops for foreign corporations.

    The deification of Gross Domestic Product--"growth"--is cause of much of the world’s misery.

    Here are a few stats and remarks from a Nations report:

    “Rwanda has made substantial progress in stabilizing and rehabilitating its economy to pre-1994 levels, although poverty levels are higher now.”

    “Despite Rwanda’s fertile ecosystem, food production often does not keep pace with population growth, requiring food imports.”

    (Unchecked population growth is a consequence of poverty, and this statement is a little deceptive because it doesn’t address the use of most cropland, centralized in few hands, for export crops, rather than food.)

    Population below the poverty line: 60%

    Population under $1/day: 37.5%

    Human Development Index: 160 out of 178

    I also don't think you're reading the blog. The last article posted is about Frank Habineza, leader of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, which the government continues to block from registering and fielding a candidate.

  27. This is facinating, around the world the gap between the rich and the poor is ever growing. This dosn't apply to rwanda only. Even in your country the inner city people are broke than some people in rwanda. In Rwanda people live on less than a dollar a day,but they are not homeless. Why don't you talk about the blacks and latinos on the streets of harlem(new york) who don't even know who the vice president of america is and only care about getting what to eat. How many people in america have health care and yet america is considered a "first world". Don't just sit on your lap top and try to be an expert on rwanda and yet you can't solve your own countries problems.
    One thing i want to ask you kindly is stop using the word great lakes since you are reporting on rwanda only. Museveni is fucking up his country but you say nothing about it. You listen to the congolese, that have failed to solve their own problems and blame in on rwanda for advise. They should take initiative and stop looting in their country Ann is not going to change the status quo. She is just pouring gas to the burning fire.
    Hhahahah, not using the crop land, i live in ruhengeri, the land that my great grand parents cultivated is still available for me to use and i have taken advantage of it, just like everyone in rwanda, Those living abroad have no where to cultivate, but in the snow and have no skills or resources to cultivate in that severe weather,that's why they are lying that, the land has been converted into a cash crop farming.
    The few stats you provided are true and false at the same time.
    The last time i checked rwanda's population was not growing faster than india and china, and yet this countries are being considered the next economic powers, don't compare population growth with poverty, it could mean something else.
    I personally, i don't know why you hate kagame, he is a great leader, he has transformed rwanda, back in the days for one to go to the university, they had to be hutus, today all you need is to pass the exams, isn't that what happens around the world? Tell Me Ann, Think about it, if they had denied you education because you are white today i wouldn't be writing on your blog, because you wouldn't have one, you could have been some where in california working in orange farms, may working at mcdonalds or changing bed sheets at a hotel.
    Any leader in this world shouldn't deny basic things like education to it's citizens.
    The president who was there before Genocide told the refugees who were outside of rwanda that the the glass was full,they had no place in rwanda, if he tried to bring them back the water would spill out of the glass. The water had spill out of the glass and that's why the refugee were there. Today the refugees that rwanda has, are of their own making, one they are either afraid to face justice or just want power. The energy they use to talk nonsense, if it was used in the right way, would have taken rwanda to the level of india or china.
    I understand kagame is no angle, but those offering alternative are even worse, they want to take rwanda to the dark ages, and want us to be like Congo, we are not ready for that. Hopefully people will at one point talk policies than hate

  28. Stupidity comes from ignorance! I think Annie Garrison knows what's going in Rwanda more than these folks that are claiming that Rwanda is safe place to live in at the moment. No it is not! It is a living hell for Hutus. I know that for a fact. People get thrown in jails simply because they are intelligent hutus or are rich! Any hutu is presumed guilty of genocide. It is safe for you selfish fucking bastards! You are the ones promoting hatred among rwandans because you can't handle the truth!

  29. Brainshowering?!

    That was the best laugh I've had in days!

  30. keep up the good work ann, don't listen to these rpf supporters who have bought into the propaganda. if they had read any books they would know that the CIA was aware that kagame was going to launch an offensive in an attempt to take kigali, problem is that they expected him to do it in 3 days and civilian casualties wouldn't exceed 500! instead it lasted 3 months and claimed almost a million lives! also, the RPF says they had a delegation of about 600 people in kigali on april 6,1994 which is false; they had closer to 3000. basically they had the means to maybe not stop the genocide but definitely slow it down and reduce the casualties, but kagame being a mastermind and a great planner, wanted to SACRIFICE his own people(tutsis) in order to justify taking power! why do u think he reminds rwandans every april 7 that they should be thankful because HE saved them by stopping the genocide? that's all he has on these people and it's sad that he uses it against them when he played a role in all this. while the interahamwe were killing tutsis, the RPF was killing the elite hutus who would be political opponents once they took the power, because there was no doubt that they would take the power because like ann said earlier, they were SPONSORED by the west(U.S). and another fact, when the RPF was advancing towards kigali, they killed thousands of hutus, do you know why? TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE TUSTSIS who were returning from exile. and before you keep praising kagame, did you know that there are witness accounts of him shooting DIRECTLY AT CIVILIANS on at least THREE occasions? after his own men refused to do it, i guess he had to show them who's boss! GREAT LEADER isn't he?...thank me later for the info/facts....

  31. People like you are feeding Ann the wrong information. Look at what you have to say. Aren't you ashamed of your own self???? If she is working for the betterment of Rwandese why do you feed her this old tainted history which is not even true. I don't know which books you read other than the books of your own making. Anyways if you are a Rwandese & know the facts why do you make up stuff. The elites left the country as soon as things got worse. Poor people weren't spared through a genocide. As for the taking over of Kigali, some people died, but I don't see how you'd choice who to shoot in a civil war. All people are the same & bullets have no eyes. So clear you mind & read again, but this time real books. As for Ann again there's a lot of mis education on Rwanda. So be open minded and read both sides. I know you hate Kagame, but also take into account his good deeds. The expansion into biofuels & gas is for the betterment of the countries economy. Income from exports will be used to invest in education, & other things locally. There's no way the country would improve its economy if it doesn't produce any exports both in finished & unfinished condition. If you really love Rwanda in fact you should be encouraging the improvement of these areas. They will produce enough for the locals & the remaining will be exported. You also report on the Great Lakes region, but I see your emphasis on Rwanda alone. The GLR is big so expand your reporting to those countries as well, then prove me wrong. A lot is happening in the region.

  32. I'm focussing on Rwanda right now because of the urgencies created by its 2010 election, and because Rwanda has become the dominant military power in the region. Uganda and Congo elections will be next year.

  33. Focus on the Arizona, stop racial profiling, America was built by immigrants, if the new law, that has been stated was to be enacted in 14 century no white person would me in america, america belongs to Indians. Let everyone chase their dreams and leave rwanda alone. RWanda doesn't need you to solve our issues. You seem not to know anything about rwanda. Just call your blog " I hate RWanda peace". Rwanda has never had the best moments since its founding until now. We like kagame and he is here to stay. If you Like Victoire let he run sanfrancisco, but not RWanda.She is not even qualified to run a village in rwanda. you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig. Like it or not Ingabire is going no where. You should invest your energy in other productive staff. Twagiramungu was more sound than Ingabire and never got anywhere.
    The Hutus are Asking us to stop using the genocide card, and yet they created it. Had they not created it, we would not have had a chance to take advatange of it. The Nazi killed the jews and the jews have been using the Nazi card and no one complains, why cant we use it. SOrry Ann you should have told your hutu friends not to kill th tustis maybe your would have been the mayor of kigali, unfortunately your buddies fucked up.

  34. Hello Miss Little Winner, miss stupid, miss lack of use of her better time. I hate your stupid ass. You are sick & need some medical attention. You hate Africans not just Rwandese. You still trying to divide us. Stop it little sick ass. Don't know what you are other than a catalyst. You make too much noise & like to break news that isn't even existing. Look at you, living in first world, but luck knowledge to distinguish between good & bad. You hate the fact that Rwanda can be self sufficient. We're sick of depending on you & people like you. We want to be left alone. You parasite. Sucking our blood everywhere we are. Are there no gay issues in Uganda. Why don't you say anything about that if you focus on the GLR? Are there no issues with Kabila's government, or didn't Sakozy sign an investment deal with Kabila? Why didn't you make noise on that one??? Looser. Anyway you work for a local news paper & sometimes you lack better headings for them & change them now & then. That explains why you aren't well composed. I think the problem you have is lack of enough things to do in your life. Get a child or adapt one if you can't have one yourself. Sucker

  35. @Anonymous from May 2, 2010 3:02 PM,

    Wow! You sound quite frustrated with your life. It looks like you know how to put two words together, but you are unable to make an intelligent argument without resorting to insults. Who are you to tell Ann what to do with her life? She is an adult human being who can make her own decisions. Especially considering that she lives in the US of A where freedom of expression is a cherished value.

    If you enjoy living in the Rwandan Apartheid, that is your prerogative. But please if you want to say something, just remember that throwing insults around does not make your argument any stronger. It just makes you look like you are not smart enough to express yourself intelligently.

  36. Aimable, it's ok if this person is frustrated with their life. Feeding people those senseless thoughts of your is worse than personal attacks. I sometimes regret Kagame never gave us a chance to revenge, may be we wouldn't have had Hutu talking trash.
    Those stupid letters you write from Canada will get you no where.
    And having this white trash woman helping you to fight kagame is not going to get you anywhere, she will comfort you guys with those sweet words of support, but the only way to get RPF out of office is going to be use of force, but that hasn't worked in a long time.

  37. @Anonymous from May 3, 2010 6:20 PM,

    So, you regret "not having a chance to kill" me, huh? Oh, poor baby! Don't worry! You killed enough. There has been enough documentation on what you guys did in Rwanda and what you did when you chased unarmed refugees in the forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo and hunted down little babies like wildlife animals.

    As for my "stupid letters", so you do know about them? I am truly deeply humbled. Regarding whether they will get me anywhere, well time will tell. All I know is every empire has its demise and all the signs point to the RPF Apartheid crumbling down. The wolf in sheep's clothing is finally being discovered for what it is: a wolf. So, enjoy your Apartheid while it lasts because very soon there will be true peace, human rights and democracy in Rwanda whether you like it or not.

  38. Dear Annie,
    In the pursuit of peace and justice, people who accept to be treated like this are rare. You are a true hero for the millions Rwandans and congolese,who are voiceless. They are voiceless because their family members have been killed by Kagame's troops or allies; they have been accused falsely of act of genocide or genocide ideology, and so live in constant fear of their lives.
    May God bless you and bless everything you do.

    I am Rwandan American. I have lived in the US for more than 20 years.The 1994 genocide took place as I was getting ready to go back to Rwanda. I have not been able to go because I do not trust the militarised tribal junta in Kigali.

    If I went home,I would probably be accused of genocide ideology, just because I believe that some RPF officer are guilty of crimes. They killed innocent villagers just because they were Hutus (in the East, in Kibeho refugee camp,in Congo) and they killed millions of innocent Congolese. This is our time, to expose them.

  39. Thank you so much. The encouragement I receive here is far more suasive than the criticism.

  40. Can't some one please donate to this Woman who is fighting for our rights? Don't you value her work? Don't you have manners to appreciate any thing good being done to us Africans? Don't you know that good things come at a fee?
    Eeh,how mean are Africans especially those from Congo who with all that Gold and diamonds she is protecting and safe guarding for them can't have the audacity to share with her the proceeds from those minerals?

    Iam going to be exemplary by digging deep in my pocket for 100.000 USD towards the noble cause by our sister Garrison Annie or the Garrison foundation...Just tell me where to deposit the dollars please?

  41. Thanks much, Samuel. I tried to respond to you but your address is "No reply." To contribute, click the yellow donate button to the left, which takes you to my Paypal page. Then there's a button lower left, to get to a page for those with a credit card but no Paypal account. But, here, just to make it really easy:

    Use this page if you have a Paypal acct:
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